Solent Sports Foundation

The Solent Sports Foundation is the part of the club where we shout about all the good things we do.

Our biggest aim is to make a difference to our communities and rather than just talk about doing things we will take practical action to actually make things happen.

Please take a minute to check out our Pledges and how we support the charities and organisations we work with-

Along side theses pledges we also do the following.

Free Youth Recreational Football

We provide free football training in Hamble so girls can access football, these sessions are run in partnership with Netley Royals, In the first 6 months it has helped 4 girls take up football and join the league.


We support Netley Royals U15 girls with sponsorship, this helps with training facilities, coaching support and equipment so the girls can carry on playing football. 

Netley Royals U15 2021/22

We’ve sponsored Fleetlands Women player Haley Foreman for the 21/22 season.

We’ve provided football kits for tge girls football teams at Miltoncross Academy and Hamble School.

Players Welfare Fund

We’ve created a Fund to support players when they’re going through a hard time. This funds helps them with funded spaces to access Recreational Football matches and supplies equipment so they can continue playing throughout hardship. As the Rec. nights have an emphasis on improving mental its important that players can still access these games when they need it the most.

This fund can be accessed by any player by speaking to their Recreational Manger or dropping us a message at

Trips and Special Events

We arranged a trip to Wembley for 50 players and their families from Solent Sports and Netley Royals to watch the Womens FA Cup Final. This trip was inspirational and for many a first it was their first time to the national stadium.


We’ve made friends with other charity teams such as Sands United Solent FC, Mind United FC, Fundrasing FC, Kick Start FC as well as a number of league teams that we often hold friendlies against them throughout the year.  

We’ve made a friendship with Gosport Walking Rugby and they pitch share over the winter months so they can keep training all year round. 

Charity Events

Since we formed we’ve played in numerous charity football matches, run marathons and taken part in a number of sponsored events. These charity events have raised in excess of £10000 for local causes in the last 3 years!

If you’d like to play in a charity game please speak to your Recreational Manager. 

Solent Sports FootGolf

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To help people access football realted sports we’ve purchased a pop up footgolf course.

FootGolf is a rapidly growing sport, it’s accessible, affordable and easy to take up but the draw back is it takes up a lot of space and we don’t have a lot of FootGolf courses around. 
But the good news is we’ve changed that by creating a Pop Up FootGolf Course! 
Our courses can be set up pretty much anywhere, we’ll be running one off events as well as regular courses and it’s also available for to hire for charity events and functions. 
Drop us a message for more info and make sure you follow us on Facebook for news of upcoming events Join us here


During the Covid Lockdown we created Sunflowers for hope. This is an online gardening project via facebook, To get involved just click the picture and spread some joy by getting out into the garden.