Sunflowers For Hope

Sunflowers for Hope is a gardening project which aims to get more people physically active by gardening. It started out as a small idea to raise some awareness of Social Isolation in the Southampton area but quickly blossomed when the Covid-19 virus hit, when the nation was placed in lockdown the project went viral on social media quickly attaching a large following.

Gardening is great for the soul, it’s relaxing and the sense of achievement when you grow a flower or produce something you can eat it’s amazing.

The challenge this year is to get magnificent yellow Sunflowers growing tall all over the UK, bringing a little joy to people when they see them.

In the first month of lock down we sent out over 10,000 Sunflower seeds across the UK. These have been planted in gardens in towns and villages across the country and the hope is they will all bloom around the end of August

At the end of August we are running a Scarecrow and Sunflower festival in Hamble, Hampshire but you can get involved with this where you live and post your photos to the Facebook group. To join the Scarecrow and Sunflower event please click here.

Our Facebook page has attracted a mix of new growers and active experienced gardeners who are happy to offer advice and support. To get involved with the Sunflowers for Hope project on Facebook please join us here and don’t forget to share your photos.